Sunday, February 24, 2013

say it isn't so!

no really, please! say it isn't so! how can our sweet little eleanor already be 1 month old?! like, someone put on the brakes fast, i beg you! these next 11 months are going to just FLY by and we are just SO not ready!

only 4 1/2 weeks of life outside the womb and she is already such a little ham. she's been smiling at me non-stop these past few days and it is just enough to turn me into complete mush. i simply cannot get over those gummy grins. or those squishy cheeks. how could i?!

here are a few of the things our baby bird loves & some she definitely does not...

1. LOVES holding her head up. (she's my little show off)
2. DOES NOT LOVE being cradled. no ma'am. don't hold her like that...
3. LOVES bouncing on the yoga ball with daddy. (whilst he also beat boxes)
4. DOES NOT LOVE baths. although our attempt last night was peacefully pleasant. (this   one might be changing)
5. LOVES spitting out her passy for her parents to retrieve. 
6. DOES NOT LOVE sitting down. just don't even try. unless you have the boppy, then she knows what that means.
7. LOVES kicking mama to wake her up in the middle of the night. really, it's her fave.
8. DOES NOT LOVE being ignored.
9. LOVES staring at her little birdy toy on her bouncer.
10. DOES NOT LOVE car rides. (she's clearly not your average babe on this one)

i don't doubt that a post such as this will happen each month of her life, but hey, that's what blogging is for right? documenting and capturing each and every moment and the crazy emotions that come along with. i hope everyone has a happy sunday!


Friday, February 1, 2013

january 24th, 2013

the day our lives changed from this:

to this:


meet our sweet little Eleanor Dae Smith. after a long 25 hours of intense labor, this doll decided to make her grand entrance, direct OP (sunny-side-up) and star gazing at the vibrant hour of 3:50am on Thursday, January 24th. 

i delivered her at the Tree of Life Birth & Gynecology Center here in DeLand, FL. and without the incredible team of people miss Kaleen Richards has staffed at her practice, i highly doubt i would've been able to bring my baby bird into the world naturally like i did. they were the greatest support a moaning, groaning, pain bearing woman could ask for. and don't even get me started on my buck. john is my lifesaver. i could barely muster full sentences the whole experience and he always knew exactly what i needed. he pushed when i pushed, he yelled when i yelled and he held me so close when all i could do is breathe. the man is a warrior and i am just beyond blessed to call him my husband. i simply cannot thank our Savior enough for him. 

i was much too weak to even hold our Eleanor for very long after welcoming her into the world. i hemorrhaged and also lost a lot of fluids during labor and couldn't sit up without beginning to pass out. john got to really bond with her immediately as a result and for that, i am so thankful. she is crazy about her daddy & the photos are proof. 

we do have photos documenting the birth experience and i have yet to decide if/which i'll share. much of it is too explicit (i was practically naked the entire 25hrs) or they just show how depleted i really was. but i'm sure i'll be able to share some.

she's 8 days old now and i just can't believe it. she brings us more joy than we could've ever imagined. and she has made me fall more and more in love with my john. we've spent time in prayer over her and over our roll as her parents and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.

hopefully now that i am a full-time stay @ home mama, i'll be able to ACTUALLY keep this thing updated hmm?! let's hope so! 

thanks so much for reading!

john + brittany + eleanor too!