Thursday, October 24, 2013

9 months baby.

i just can't believe it. i know i say that every time, but really, i just can't. our sweet Eleanor Dae is 9 months old today. she's so big. has so much personality and has recently proved to be such a strong little trooper. 

you see, Saturday night, my perfect little world of keeping her from ever getting hurt, was shattered right before my eyes. she took a very hard spill off of our bed whilst playing which resulted in an emergency trip to the hospital. john & i's hearts were so broken when we didn't know why our darling babe was in so much pain. after some x-rays, (and some not-so-sensitive technicians) we found out that our sweet helpless Eleanor had broken her collarbone. what?! she has a broken bone?! she's just a baby. neither of us have ever had a broken bone in our lives. and this new life - just shy of 9 months - has already broken one. if i was ever in the running for mother of the year, that's long gone now. 
that first night was rough, and the second day a bit better, but see E on the 3rd day and you wouldn't even know she was ever injured. atta girl! she's so brave. so strong. and i am so proud of her. we spend most of every day holding her (as she can't crawl right now) and we spend all night snuggling. doc says she should be all healed up within about 2 - 3 weeks. woo hoo!!

john lost his job this month, which is terrible but has been such a blessing in disguise with eleanor's recent injury. she loves her daddy so so much and having him here with us has been absolutely incredible. thank you Jesus, for knowing exactly what we need when we do not. you're just so faithful. 

the weather is finally changing down here in FL and this is the first day we can all officially put on our jackets! if you could only see my beaming face through this text! we will definitely be spending much more family time outside over these next few days. i really want to take advantage of this time that john is home and soak up every minute of it. 

be praying for us! we know lots of changes are coming! 

birdy + buck

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

nina + joey // engagement

i had the honor and pleasure of photographing this incredible couple a little over a week ago now. their wedding is right around the corner and i couldn't be more excited for them! nina and joey recently began attending our church and heard word of another engagement shoot i had done so i, of course, jumped at the opportunity to do another!

and can you tell how much fun we had?! when she mentioned that they'd really like to do the shoot at the beach i was beyond thrilled! the dreamy, romantic, and natural feel of how each photo turned out made us all quite giddy. well, at least nina and i were. narrowing these photos down for a post was difficult! they have got to be the most photogenic couple i have ever laid eyes on. frame after frame the cuteness just oozed from my camera! 

not to mention that since the shoot, a friendship has sparked! nina had eleanor and i over for lunch yesterday, while john and i plan to have the two of them over for dinner soon! 

thanking God today for marriage, good times, warm friends, and the joy He always brings.