Wednesday, September 18, 2013

nina + joey // engagement

i had the honor and pleasure of photographing this incredible couple a little over a week ago now. their wedding is right around the corner and i couldn't be more excited for them! nina and joey recently began attending our church and heard word of another engagement shoot i had done so i, of course, jumped at the opportunity to do another!

and can you tell how much fun we had?! when she mentioned that they'd really like to do the shoot at the beach i was beyond thrilled! the dreamy, romantic, and natural feel of how each photo turned out made us all quite giddy. well, at least nina and i were. narrowing these photos down for a post was difficult! they have got to be the most photogenic couple i have ever laid eyes on. frame after frame the cuteness just oozed from my camera! 

not to mention that since the shoot, a friendship has sparked! nina had eleanor and i over for lunch yesterday, while john and i plan to have the two of them over for dinner soon! 

thanking God today for marriage, good times, warm friends, and the joy He always brings.



BECKY said...

Well...I know another pretty photogenic couple that got married not too long ago!! :o)

These are gorgeous, and they are adorable! Love the one with their reflection behind then in the too many others to name them! You did a beautiful job with these! I know why they are thrilled!!

How cool that you have a friendship blossoming, too! God is so good!

I've got to go pin some!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

does it ever bother you to know that despite what you try to portray to the rest of the world, you will always be #2 to John? Sommer will always be his first real love of his life :)

birdy said...

How kind it is of you, anonymous and cowardly you, to go out of your way to comment on my blog. I can assure you, I don't try to portray or fabricate anything about my relationship with my husband. Nor do I act like we haven't both been in love long term with other people before we met. That would be ignorant of both of us. John with Sommer for two years and myself with an ex of nearly 8 years. However, that's never made either of us see eachother as "#2". We fell in love. He proposed. We got married. We made eachother our #1's. No matter who was in our past.

I so appreciate your concern but trust me - I am NEVER bothered by the thought of Sommer. :)