Monday, October 22, 2012

a baby bird shower.

Here are some peeks at the adorable shower my mother and sister threw for me this past Saturday!

Don't you just love it all?! I sure did. It is no secret that I am a total sucker for mustard yellow and adorable prints - and my sister made sure to show it!

Everything from vintage children's song book pages to the handmade felted friends! I am so excited to have all these goodies for baby bird's nursery! And don't get me started on the sweet gifts given from all who came. I am just overwhelmed with joy at this point in my life. God has given me so many lovely people to treasure and smile with. I couldn't be more thankful. 

Well, I hope you all have a very happy Monday. John's car wouldn't start yesterday, so I'm stranded at home until maybe that sweet mother of mine decides to come pick her favorite daughter up ;) At least the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS! We are finally seeing some changes here in Florida! So exciting!

Take care!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

just a little something.

What a crazy week this has turned out to be. From midwife appointments, work, cleaning, resting, "nesting", sometimes I just cant keep up. And my lack of posts this week is proof. 

Today is my very first baby shower and I couldn't be more excited! My mother and older sister, Samantha, have been hard at work planning everything. And I cannot wait to see all the different adorable miniature goodies! I promise to get back to normal posting next week...I think. (fingers crossed) 

Well, now I'm off to Target for some much needed Starbucks & errand running before the celebration begins! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Friday, October 12, 2012

around the nest.


it is no secret that getting into the hang of consistent posts isn't coming so naturally to me. but I am pressing on! I'm quite determined to get into my rhythm of 3 posts a week, but sweet followers of mine, this will be no easy task. juggling work, baby prep, sleep, family, heck - just life period - is a load!

in the meantime, here are some photos of the things we love about the place we call home. we've kept it pretty bare in hopes of moving into a house more suitable for us (more trees and less tile). and boy, let me tell you, this whole "nesting" thing is QUITE DIFFICULT when you don't want to put any extra holes or paint on the wall, preventing more work to do getting this house back to the way we found it when baby bird is here. i just want to decorate and clean until i'm blue in the face!

this evening, my fellow pregnant sister and I are off to our old highschool's homecoming game for lots of green & gold spirit. i hope you all have a lovely weekend! God bless!

Monday, October 8, 2012

happy monday.

oh, how i love mondays! unlike most, it's my day off, my "me day" if you will, and today has been just that. i had my first visit at the birth center where i will welcome my little one in january this morning and absolutely fell in LOVE. talk about being spoiled by those dear sweet midwives! i feel so much more confident in my decision to go for the water birth i had been obsessing about rather than the 'normal' hospital routine.

the weather refuses to change with the fall calender here in florida, but i decided to get my hot latte regardless. i just couldn't hold off any longer! and it's official, i can no longer see my feet from where i stand these days. only 14 weeks to go before our lives change forever!

so here are some of the little thrifted finds that i am totally counting down the days when i can get them on her mini body. i was especially ecstatic to find those darling minnetonka moccasins for only $5.00 at the Craddle to College event in Clermont a few weeks back. if you've never been to one of their events in your area, i highly recommend it. we found so many big and little goodies for baby bird for such a steal!

i hope everyones monday wasn't too manic!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

the start.

we met in bible study. became best friends. he asked to date me. we fell in love. and in less than 2 months we were engaged! we tied the knot on April 7th of this year and we now have a lovely little lady bird due in january. 
our family is already growing and we couldn't be more excited! a bit terrified, but so so excited! thanks for following along as we figure out this little thang called life.