Saturday, October 6, 2012

the start.

we met in bible study. became best friends. he asked to date me. we fell in love. and in less than 2 months we were engaged! we tied the knot on April 7th of this year and we now have a lovely little lady bird due in january. 
our family is already growing and we couldn't be more excited! a bit terrified, but so so excited! thanks for following along as we figure out this little thang called life.


Kristie said...

love your blog brit!! i know i will enjoy getting on here to see what you are up to. can't wait to meet your sweet little lady bird! love you guys and will pray you find just the right home as you start your search. been lovin having your sweet sis here. :) you might get me blogging again. and we are hoping to have a new little one through our adoption in the next few months Lord willing. so be praying for us too!

Niken said...

love to hear your story :)