Friday, August 14, 2015

The Koehler's

Okay guys...

Prepare yourselves for full on cuteness overload!

I was fortunate enough to photograph Valerie + Darrin two weeks before sweet baby Everett made his appearance, and then I even got to do his newborn photos! Oh how this little man melts my heart and I just totally gush over his precious little whimper. Not to mention that this is by far the most adorable nursery that I have ever seen in real life. Pinterest material for sure. Kudos to Val and her skills and patience! This was my first of hopefully many more newborn sessions! Lord knows I love me some cute little babes! Congratulations to you two and go mama for kickin' serious butt during your long and tiring labor!

*Note: I am the WORST at picking out 'just a few' to share. So here's a ton ;)



birdy + buck

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello Again!

Holy cow! Has it been a long time or what?! Life is so different now. Crazier, more exciting, more stressful, and more full of love than I could have ever imagined.

Time just has this way of flying away from us, doesn't it? Well, for a quick update for those in the blogosphere - We have a newer addition to our family! Her name is Juniper Grace and she was a sweet little present for John on his birthday of January 3rd! Same birthday! How fun is that?! I couldn't believe it when I was waking up to contractions that morning. John rolled over about 30 minutes after I had had my third one and I simply said "Well, I just had my third contraction. They are about 10-12 minutes apart - and Happy Birthday Handsome!" She was born about 7 hours later. Labor was incredible this time 'round. The ideal experience we had dreamt about with Eleanor. Our little Junebug was born right in the water with Daddy there to catch her! Coolest thing ever y'all!

And with a new baby, came a new house! Six days after Juniper was born, we were signing and closing on our beautiful home. OUR home. It is SO nice to call it 'ours' and it literally be ours.

And with a new baby, came a new house. Six days after Juniper was born, we were signing and closing on our beautiful home. OUR home. It is SO nice to call it 'ours' and it actually be ours.

Yes, life has changed quite a bit. I have had the wonderful priviledge - numerous times recently - to photograph more engagements, more families, more newborns and more people than really ever before. It's been such a blast and that is basically why I'm back on my blog. I won't be writing much; just sharing photos of the beautiful people who allow me to take their photos and be a part of their sweet moments. So you will be seeing more posts soon and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

And finally, here is a little glimpse into life as we know it now. It's a video put together by my dear and longtime friend Megan Saul. Megan is the most talented photographer I know and is well sought after for her dreamy wedding and lifestyle photos. Megan came and visited us last May and was kind enough to snap some adorable and fun moments of a 'morning with the Smith's'. I'll never get over how much I LOVE these photos and having someone there to capture the little things. It was such a blessing and I am so grateful for Meg and her mad skills! You can see more of her incredible work here.

A Morning With The Smiths from Megan Saul on Vimeo.

Glad to be back + thanks for visiting!

-The Smith's