Friday, August 14, 2015

The Koehler's

Okay guys...

Prepare yourselves for full on cuteness overload!

I was fortunate enough to photograph Valerie + Darrin two weeks before sweet baby Everett made his appearance, and then I even got to do his newborn photos! Oh how this little man melts my heart and I just totally gush over his precious little whimper. Not to mention that this is by far the most adorable nursery that I have ever seen in real life. Pinterest material for sure. Kudos to Val and her skills and patience! This was my first of hopefully many more newborn sessions! Lord knows I love me some cute little babes! Congratulations to you two and go mama for kickin' serious butt during your long and tiring labor!

*Note: I am the WORST at picking out 'just a few' to share. So here's a ton ;)



birdy + buck

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