Sunday, March 24, 2013

2 months baby.


two months?! two months to the day?! before i know it, she's going to have her drivers license! okay, yes, i'm exaggerating a tad but really, i just can't handle it. 

she's our smiling, cooing and drooling machine lately. there is literally drool down this little girls face for days! you'd swear she's teething. and  who knows, maybe she is! but we have yet to see any other signs pointing that way. so for now, she's just forever soaking our shoulders for fun.  

eleanor has come to enjoy her baths and car rides much more these days. and all of her newborn wear is officially too tight on her. so. crazy.
and as you can also see, she's found her hands and more importantly - she has found her thumbs! my father would kill me if he knew how i just let her have at it, but it's just too darn cute to pull away. i know, i know, don't worry, i'll stop it... eventually.

as for me - learning my way around time management and being a stay at home wife/mama has been an adjustment but i think i'm really getting the hang of it! we even had dinner at 7 o'clock the other day instead of our increasingly usual 9:30! (thanks baby E for falling asleep earlier.)
i'm still suffering from some recovery issues, though i don't report it often, my body just won't let up. when i think all healing has finally taken place, something else comes up. keep me and my post natal issues in your prayers. they're taking quite the toll on my emotions and day to day routines. 

and before i finish, our ANNIVERSARY IS COMING UP! our first year of marriage, gone! can't wait for that post! stay tuned!