Thursday, November 29, 2012

jared + andrea // engagement.

so i know i said i'd be better. and i know that i said "i promise". but this first time preggo just can't seem to get into a rhythm! so here i am, a month later making a "weekly post". try not to judge me ;)

here we have our dear friends jared + andrea who just got engaged on November 11th! it was such a fun blessing to shoot their engagement photos at Gemini Springs (coincidently where john & i also got engaged). prepare to completely melt over all their ridiculous adorableness because this is one good lookin' couple.



what'd i tell ya?! adorable right?! we love them so much and simply CANNOT wait until their wedding next summer. 

well, now that i've posted, this sick little bird is heading back into bed. turns out i'm not near as immune from sickness as i thought and i've somehow come down with a sinus infection. pray for my sanity, i'm not one to enjoy laying around for days. 

i hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving and is getting ready for all your Christmas traditions! 

take care, 


I Lelli said...

really really happy you post again ... we immediately became your followers considering that we loved your blog immediately

xo Lelli, italian family

Niken said...

love love the photos. beutiful

Marie said...

Very lovely photos ♥

Stephanie said...

Beautiful and adorable!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. possibly the cutest photos i have ever seen!! this doesn't even look like real life. great shots! x