Monday, April 8, 2013

our 1st anniversary.












now this just doesn't seem possible! one year ago (from yesterday) john and i were saying our "i do's" and making the biggest and most important decision of or lives. this is the first time i've posted this many of the wedding photos anywhere and i'm really excited to do so. i wanted to be able to spend a lot more time on this post, editing and all, but with my wakeful little eleanor and john working all the time, it's hard for this mama to get a break long enough to accomplish things without losing sleep. (especially with how nit picky i am when it comes to photos) 

this past year has been absolutely incredible. john and i feel as though we've conquered the world with all the changes and challenges God brought immediately to our lives as one. we immediately got pregnant and oh how that threw quite the curve ball into our picture of our first year. but we wouldn't change a thing! we are both absolutely crazy about that little girl and the way she has completely flipped our lives upside down and changed us for the better. 

we spent the afternoon and evening together, just the two of us, yesterday and it was just perfect. i really do have the greatest husband any little lady could ever ask for. we had a delicious meal out, enjoyed some wine, had many laughs, snuggles, recited our personal written vows, cried tears of insane love for one another, and celebrated our lives together! it was the perfect anniversary. i couldn't imagine anything better and i cannot wait for forevermore!

thanks for taking some time to share our joy!



Marie said...

Beautiful photos! Both of you look so happy. Love your dress too! Simple but elegant :)

BECKY said...

Made me cry, Chirp! It was so much fun to see it all again, though! You were such a lovely bride...and even a lovelier Mommy!!
Love you!

C . N E X X said...

Ohhhh lovely pic ! :*
I love your blog and I following you now and i hope you can follow me back.:d